The music that is cultivated in Vermont is stunningly diverse; it highlights the uniqueness of the state and its people.

At Big Heavy World we’ve been preserving and promoting Vermont-made music since 1996. We’re a volunteer-staffed music office, providing technical support and promotion that includes every kind of music and creates resources for us all to share. We bring Vermont musicians together. We know that Vermont musicians help each other out, and building community means Vermont music builds strength and a sense of family. Coming together is empowering.

We know that becoming an artist is as important to Vermonters as being one. Vermont makes musicians before it makes music, so Big Heavy World respects and supports original musicians at all stages of their careers.

Our work is done by a crew of volunteers who are mostly high school or college-aged. They learn technical, professional, and social skills while supporting a music scene they love. They’re Vermont’s future, and we’re helping them get there.

We support music of all kinds, and involve volunteers from every background because inclusion is a value we hold at the center of our hearts. Big Heavy World is where we can all come together to find the potential of our passion for music and our community. Our projects include an online artist directory and business referral network, an alliance of musicians and presenters, a record label, a public listening library, an online music shop, a tour van that we loan out, musician summits and educational events, a weekly local music radio show, the community radio station we built to host it, and conversations with civic leaders about Vermont’s music community. This and more can be found at bigheavyworld.com.

Big Heavy World is a lot of people’s labor of love for the music scene. It’s a place where people come together to support music from Vermont, to give it a chance of success commercially and socially. It’s an engine of friend making and community building. And it’s an all volunteer organization.