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windmills-broken record.jpeg
Broken Record -- Regular Handshake -- Get Up -- Path to Pave -- Underground Gem -- The Beach When It Rains -- Bring Out the Sun -- Graffiti in the Night -- Moving On -- You Know You're Right -- Not All Right -- Truly Yours

soule monde-smashed world.jpeg
The Influence -- Must Be Nice -- Allah Uya -- Tango -- La Grange

chin ho!-girl.jpeg
I Wish I Was A) Girl -- Scare Me These Days -- I Regret --
Vincent S Head -- Always Monica -- Talk You Down -- Sad, Sadder, Saddest

ski vermont-fresh tracks 0607.jpeg
Class Clown - It's Too Late -- Waiting For a Miracle - Designated Liar -- Lobot - Lights of Montreal -- Lucy Vincent - Just Forget -- Pretty & Nice - Start/Stop -- Punque and The Hoopla - Last Run of the Day -- Lowell Thompson - Crenshaw -- John…

no secrets.jpeg
Edek's Rooster (Rik Palieri) -- 51 pegasi rocketship v2 (Mistle Thrush) -- The Mountain Will Come Down (Aaron Flinn's Salad Days) -- We All Belong Here (Lara & Greg Noble) -- Yeah, Right On (Chin Ho!) -- Kiss of an Angel (Full Moon Heart) -- Mountain…

Where Do I Go? 2000 - Dream Party -- I Jack The Disco - DJ Frostee -- N.Y. Funk - Mike M. -- Hot Planet - Dream Party -- Four: Twenty - DJ Hedfonz -- Closer - Larow featuring Craig Mitchell -- Emcee From Dingleman -- Hold On - Belizbeha -- Love…

kristini stykos-river of light.jpeg
State Line Diner--I Like a Hard Hearted Man--Walking These Ridges--Since You Asked--At the Edge--In the Cleansing Rain--Caught by the Heart--River of Light--Breaking Trail--Climb This Ground--Waging Peace--Blessed Light--Godspeed

pop corn-rue mevlana.jpeg
Shooting Starlight--Freak Out Friday--That Girl Can Dance--Butta Cake --We Rock Out 2 Queen--Human Kiss--Hermaphroditus--Lapti Nek--
Elemental Love--Rush--Secret Revolution--Social Queens

sullivan square- contemporary folk collection.jpeg
Nightmare Town (John Voorhees) -- Midnight Firestone (Bowers & Harned) -- Return (Meg & Robyn) -- Sullivan Square (Chad Hollister) -- Hey, Doc (Kate Barclay) -- Please Don't Fall In Love With Me (Martin Guigui) -- Backlot Concreate Jive (Organic…

Jim Daniels and McGuiness- Live at the Kept Writer.jpeg
Pancho and Lefty--Darlin' Corey--Handsome Molly--Jerusalem Ridge--Waiting for ReFederals--Hog of the Forsaken--Cluck Old Hen--Rock of Ages--Hambone--I Truly Understand--Walkin' Bass

paul webd patti casey-stone boat.jpeg
Victoria Falls--Stone Boat--You Bring Me Down--In the Woods--Words & Flowers--Jimmy's Got His Eye Out for a Cadillac--She Can Fall in Love--Broken Questions--Charlotte Street--Down by the River--Evangeline--Summer Grass--Love is a Simple Thing

paul webb-green mountain spring.jpeg
In the Quiet Places -- Whale Tales -- Maple Leaf Waltz -- Queen City -- Green Mountain Spring -- Wiggly Bridge Waltz -- To the Sea -- Two Brothers -- My Home is Vermont -- Green Mountain Spring (reprise) -- Moon in a Jar -- Still Lake

los microbios-cognitive thinning.jpeg
Hypnotized--Trained to Follow--I've Still Got the Spark But I Don't Have the Fuel--A City is Not Science--For Us--Child of the Moon--Please Stop--Wake Up Early in the Morning--Not Even a Pandemic Can Bring Us Back…

watts cristensen tan-live at middlebury college.jpeg
Solo Guitar 1--Solo Guitar 2--Solo Guitar 3--Drum/Guitar Duet 1--Drum/Guitar Duet 2--Trio 1--Trio 2--Trio 3--Trio 4

belizbeha-void where inhibited.jpeg
Too Complex--Fusion--Invisible--Children of the Jazz--Big Ballad-Yomyman--Whenever She's Around--Not 4 Nothin'--Come Back Home--Off da Mark--Penny for Your Thoughts--Rock da Mic--So Strange--R.E.M.--Inhibitions

We Don't Know Any Better--You've Run Out Of Places To Go (Explicit Version)--The Great Big Wide Open Divide--The Last Coral Left Alive--Let's Fight the Sun--Across the Desert Sand--Entropy Always Wins--Right or Wrong--Common Man Blues--Something…

lissa schneckenburger- song.jpeg
Fair Maid by the Sea Shore--Jam on Gerry's Rock / Willie's--The Lumberman in Town Go Ken Go--Harmony--The Logger's Boast--Lovely Jaime--Young Charlotte--The Old Begger Man--Little Musgrove and Lady Barnswell--The Drowsy Sleeper

Stan Ransom-Down the Saranac.jpeg
Down the Saranac--City of Plattsburgh--Plattsburgh Sewage Plant--City With the Stereo Smell--Plattsburgh Odor Army--Fanoline Salve--Smith Wead Bridge--Plattsburgh Trolley Song--Plattsburgh Love Song--Boys At the Bridge--Roslyn Castle, Backside of…

Newton Street Irregulars- not oppressively formal.jpeg
Hop High Ladies/Green Willis--While We Are Together--Shadows of the Pine--What Will We Do with the Grape--Ale--Poor Drunkard--Trumpet Vine--Blue Water Line--For Lowrie Isa Lea--George Fox--Leave Her Johnny--A Little Bit of Cucumber--Just Give Me a…

Hard Pressed--Ginseng Sullivan--Colleen Malone--I Still Miss Someone--You've Got a Crazy Heart--Midnight on the Highway--Why You Been Gone So Long--Roustabout--Trail of Tears--Runaround--Second Wind--Going Up on the Mountain

vermonts own 40th army band .jpeg
The Changing of the Guard--The Symphonic Gershwin, National Emblem March, The Light Eternal, Highlights From "The Music Man"--Themes Like Old Times II--Red, White and Brass--Armed Forces Salute--Hail, Vermont--America The Beautiful

Shellhouse-road between 2 souls.jpeg
Whisper the Blues--A Road Between Two Souls--Candy Apple Red--Every Little Wave--Leave Good Vibes--Look Six Ways--The Moon Is a Pearl--I Echo That Sentiment--Hold on to the Wind--This Rain (Sisyphus Blues)--Waiting on a Midnight Ride--King Cole--The…

airdance-cloud nine.jpeg
Cloud Nine/ Broken Heart/ Cloud Nine--Macarthur Road/ Gravel Walk--Brimstone Corner--Cape Breton Jig/ Gallagher's March/ Jigermyster--Muddy Roads--Arigana Highway--Up Downy/ Tongadale/ Johnny Murray of Lochee--Cleveland Park/ St. Patrice/ Balls to…

Christine Malcolm- Crickets Coyotes and the Yellow Moon.jpeg
Lucky Me--I Don't Want No One Else--True Hearted Girl--Gypsy Boy--Emily's Bridge--Ancient I Love You--River Is Rising--Before You Fly--Jesse and Zerelda--Ship Has Sailed--Apart--Stolen Song--Crickets, Coyotes and the Big Yellow Moon
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