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Welcome to the catalog of the recordings and ephemera in Big Heavy World's Vermont Music Archive, a volunteer-built collection of ~5,000 items gathered since 1996. The collection is inclusive of all genres and media types.

Musicians who have personal history in the state: Please send us copies of your work! We'd love to include you in this historic record of Vermont-made music! Copies can be mailed to Big Heavy World, P.O. Box 428, Burlington, VT 05402-0428.


The volunteers of Big Heavy World.


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Collection Items

A picture of nectar
Elektra: 61274-2 (on container spine: 9 61274-2).|Rock music.|Title from container spine.|Compact disc.|Lyrics on container insert.

Africa, Vermont
Hip hop music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Somewhere In Between
Rusty -- The Sand Will Wash Away -- Watercolor -- Brother The Hero -- Eight Hours -- Jupiter -- Across The Coals -- Somewhere In Between -- Patience -- Where I Belong.

From Adamant to Atchafalaya
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home -- From Four Until Late -- Atchafalaya -- Blue Driver -- Goodbye Porkpie Hat -- Bound for Adamant -- Police Dog Blues -- You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley/ -- Whiskey Before Breakfast -- Look On Yonder…

Gratified Existence
Hip-hop music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Carraway EP
Last Song -- Gold -- Raising The Dead -- Crowded Nights -- Singing Songs In Your Sleep -- Time To Save The World.

Audrey Bernstein Loves Blue
L.B. Records: SGA-5682 (On container spine).|Blues music.|Compact Disc.|No container insert.

Compact Disc.

The Dance
Future Fields: FF-100 (On container spine)|Pop music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Sonic Bionic
Electronic music.|Compact disc.|Additional information in container insert.

Pop music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Live in Skowhegan
Rock music.|Compact disc.

We Are Not Afraid of You
Rock music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Tonic Two: Core Breach Burlington
Chainsaws and Children, "Cannibal Burn" -- Zola Turn, "Tastes Like Nothing" -- Minimus, "Down" -- The Implants, "Anorexic Man" -- Chin Ho!, "Talk You Down" -- Starlight Conspiracy, "Despite The Rain" -- James Kochalka Superstar, "Homebrew Show" --…

Child Ballads
Willie of Winsbury (Child 100) -- Willie's Lady (Child 6) -- Sir Patrick Spens (Child 58) -- Riddles Wisely Expounded (Child 1) -- Clyde Waters (Child 216) -- Geordie (Child 209) -- Tam Lin (Child 39).

A Little Revolution
My Favorite Dream -- Jeans And Mittens -- Stop The Bombs -- The Garden -- Party Time -- Cool Sound -- Guess What!? -- Sapphire -- Good Migrations -- Tell Al Green -- Nate Is Straight -- Twitterpated! (Mfdod Remix) -- Flowers, Kisses, You.

A Different Kind of Progress
Compact disc.|Lyrics on container insert.

EP 2015
Anti-Social Media -- M.A.D. -- S.A.T.S. -- Shit Show -- Sorrow of the Sun.

Single Girl
Red Rocking Chair -- Let Me Fall -- Single Girl -- Morning Blues -- Plank Road -- Frankie & Albert -- Cripple Creek -- In the Pines -- Buffalo Gal -- Waste My Time.

Better Half -- Cadmium -- Underminer -- Foxy -- Buskers -- Peace of Mind -- Shadowproof.

The Almanac Trail
Folk music.|Compact disc.|Additional information on accordion folder.

Lipstick and Dynamite
Black Cat -- Tarpaulin -- Mark My Words -- Rejected -- The Invisibles -- Carnage.

Waiting and Watching
In Comes the Tide -- Six White Cadillacs -- Now and Then -- Our Work is Never Done -- Waiting and Watching -- On the Lemon Fair -- Makeshift Heart -- Sam Falls -- Wait a Minute -- So Long -- Shake Out the Chaff -- We'll Leave the Past Behind.

Sour Lemons
Rock music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Compact disc.|Lyrics on container insert.
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