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Audrey Bernstein

New England Exploratory Orchestra

Lightning Ridge 5/5/2006
Charlie Messing in Be That Way - -What Happened-2000.jpg

Charlie Messing in Be That Way 2000

Dwight & Nicole 2010
13th Chair - ... And Counting - 2000.jpeg

13th Chair 3/23/2012

Random Canyon Growlers
Tiny Monsters - Now This - 2000.jpeg

Tiny Monsters 1993
Cheux - On This - 2000.jpg

Cheux 9/15/2005
Chainsaws and Children - Daca-2000.jpg

Chainsaws and Children p1999

Rumblecat 2015

Dana & Susan Robinson 2008

Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate 2010

New England Music Festival (Chorus) 4/19/2008

Johnson Jazz Ensemble 4/2/2008

New England Music Festival (Chorus) 4/19/2008
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