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Seamus the Great in the studio
Seamus the Great joined host Brent Hallenbeck for ‘Rocket Shop‘, Big Heavy World’s local Vermont music radio hour on 105.9FM The Radiator. Catch up with them at

A picture of nectar album cover
Elektra: 61274-2 (on container spine: 9 61274-2).|Rock music.|Title from container spine.|Compact disc.|Lyrics on container insert.

Africa, Vermont album cover
Hip hop music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Somewhere In Between album cover
Rusty -- The Sand Will Wash Away -- Watercolor -- Brother The Hero -- Eight Hours -- Jupiter -- Across The Coals -- Somewhere In Between -- Patience -- Where I Belong.

Paul Asbell - from Adamant to Atchaialaya - 2000.jpg
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home -- From Four Until Late -- Atchafalaya -- Blue Driver -- Goodbye Porkpie Hat -- Bound for Adamant -- Police Dog Blues -- You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley/ -- Whiskey Before Breakfast -- Look On Yonder…

Gratified Existence album cover
Hip-hop music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Carraway album cover
Last Song -- Gold -- Raising The Dead -- Crowded Nights -- Singing Songs In Your Sleep -- Time To Save The World.

Audrey Bernstein Loves Blue album cover
L.B. Records: SGA-5682 (On container spine).|Blues music.|Compact Disc.|No container insert.

Chainsaws and Children - Daca-2000.jpg
Compact Disc.

The Dance album cover
Future Fields: FF-100 (On container spine)|Pop music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Various - Sonic Bionic -  2000.jpg
Electronic music.|Compact disc.|Additional information in container insert.

Villanelles - Villanelles - 2000.jpeg
Pop music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Live in Skowhegan album cover
Rock music.|Compact disc.

We Are Not Afraid of You
Rock music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.

Tonic Two - Core Breach Burlington - 2000.jpeg
Chainsaws and Children, "Cannibal Burn" -- Zola Turn, "Tastes Like Nothing" -- Minimus, "Down" -- The Implants, "Anorexic Man" -- Chin Ho!, "Talk You Down" -- Starlight Conspiracy, "Despite The Rain" -- James Kochalka Superstar, "Homebrew Show" --…

Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer - Child Ballads - 2000.jpg
Willie of Winsbury (Child 100) -- Willie's Lady (Child 6) -- Sir Patrick Spens (Child 58) -- Riddles Wisely Expounded (Child 1) -- Clyde Waters (Child 216) -- Geordie (Child 209) -- Tam Lin (Child 39).

Smittens, The - A Little Revolution - 2000.jpg
My Favorite Dream -- Jeans And Mittens -- Stop The Bombs -- The Garden -- Party Time -- Cool Sound -- Guess What!? -- Sapphire -- Good Migrations -- Tell Al Green -- Nate Is Straight -- Twitterpated! (Mfdod Remix) -- Flowers, Kisses, You.

A Different Kind of Progress album cover
Compact disc.|Lyrics on container insert.

EP 2015 album cover
Anti-Social Media -- M.A.D. -- S.A.T.S. -- Shit Show -- Sorrow of the Sun.

Single Girl album cover
Red Rocking Chair -- Let Me Fall -- Single Girl -- Morning Blues -- Plank Road -- Frankie & Albert -- Cripple Creek -- In the Pines -- Buffalo Gal -- Waste My Time.

01 Better Half.mp3
Better Half -- Cadmium -- Underminer -- Foxy -- Buskers -- Peace of Mind -- Shadowproof.

01 I'm Going Down That Road Feeling Bad.mp3
Folk music.|Compact disc.|Additional information on accordion folder.

Lipstick and Dynamite album cover
Black Cat -- Tarpaulin -- Mark My Words -- Rejected -- The Invisibles -- Carnage.

Waiting and Watching album cover
In Comes the Tide -- Six White Cadillacs -- Now and Then -- Our Work is Never Done -- Waiting and Watching -- On the Lemon Fair -- Makeshift Heart -- Sam Falls -- Wait a Minute -- So Long -- Shake Out the Chaff -- We'll Leave the Past Behind.

Sour Lemons album cover
Rock music.|Compact disc.|No container insert.
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