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Seamus the Great in the studio

Big Heavy World 2016-10-12
A picture of nectar album cover

Phish p1992.
Africa, Vermont album cover

A2VT p2012
Somewhere In Between album cover

duPont, Z 2012
Paul Asbell - from Adamant to Atchaialaya - 2000.jpg

Asbell, Paul p2013.
Gratified Existence album cover

The Lynguistic Civilians p2016
Carraway album cover

Carraway (Musical group) 2014
Audrey Bernstein Loves Blue album cover

Audrey Bernstein p2013.
Chainsaws and Children - Daca-2000.jpg

Chainsaws and Children p1999
The Dance album cover

Madaila p2015.
Various - Sonic Bionic -  2000.jpg

Big Heavy World (Various musicians) p1997.
Villanelles - Villanelles - 2000.jpeg

Villanelles p2010.
Live in Skowhegan album cover

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals p2010
We Are Not Afraid of You

Funbridge p2014.
Tonic Two - Core Breach Burlington - 2000.jpeg

Big Heavy World (Various musicians) 1999
Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer - Child Ballads - 2000.jpg

Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer 2013
Smittens, The - A Little Revolution - 2000.jpg

The Smittens 2005
A Different Kind of Progress album cover

Shannon Hawley p2015.
EP 2015 album cover

Voices In Vain p2015.
Single Girl album cover

Ida Mae Specker p2013.
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